Celebrating the diversity of integrative medicine: Essential to moving forward integrative medicine's role in primary health care and public health

In this issue – as in all issues – I sought to identify a common theme among articles so that I could write an introductory editorial that appropriately and adequately encompassed the articles herein. However, as I observed the running order it soon became apparent that there was no “consistent” theme as such. There is a guest editorial on the legal and regulatory aspects of integrative medicine [1], a commentary highlighting the need to build a practice-based research network for integrative medicine practitioners [2], a review of the interactions between complementary medicines and emerging pharmaceutical anti-coagulant and anti-thrombotic drugs [3], original research articles presenting research results of Indian trials for hydrotherapy [4] and yoga and naturopathy [5], our first published clinical case study on diabetes management and a publication guide for clinicians and clinic managers to share their practice models with our readership [7].

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Alina Porojan has been working as a natural medicine practitioner for the past twelve years, constantly educating herself and deepening her knowledge and clinical experience. Alina believes that health and healing is inherent to each of us, and sees her role as re-connecting us to our already existing potential for optimal health and wellness.