AHW Book Give-a-Way: Get the #1 Amazon Kindle Book ‘Dirt Cheap Organic’ Here

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In honor of Black Friday, I’ve decided to give away one of the most comprehensive pieces of work in my journalism career: the Kindle Book ‘Dirt Cheap Organic: 101 Tips for Going Organic on a Budget,’ which became a #1 Best Seller in the Women’s Health Category on Amazon.com back in January 2014 when it was first released.

The 162 (Kindle sized) page book beat out iconic health titles like ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ ‘The China Study‘ and more to claim the number one spot the first week of its release. It sold well over 100 copies on the first day and has been helping hundreds more switch to organic on a budget ever since.

Although it hasn’t been updated since, most of the information in ‘Dirt Cheap Organic’ is just as relevant and useful as ever (click here or on the picture below to download the book for free for Black Friday, you can use an Amazon Kindle or the Kindle Reader app to read it).


Inside, you’ll learn:

-What organic foods last the longest (and give you the most value)
-The one simple trick that can save you as much as 67% on organic greens
-Tips for storing, preserving, and maximizing the freshness of organic food
-A rarely-used buying trick that can save you as much as 89% (!) on organic groceries according to one recent university study

And much more including my personal story and tips for going Organic on a Budget. To download the book, simply click on the cover below, and feel free to share with a friend you think might benefit from this book:

The book ‘Dirt Cheap Organic; 101 Tips for Going Organic on a Budget.’ Click here to download for free. Book cover created by Alina Janssen.



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